1. Tire jump The obstacle will consist of crossing over a pile of tires placed along approximately 10 m

2. The Low Wall The Low Wall consists of a low profile vertical log surface with a very steep upward slope. Participants must climb and pass to the other side

3. Javelin throw It consists of sticking a spear in a straw doll.

4. yarn Scrolling for approx. 10m. crawling under a series of ropes that do not allow athletes to get up.

5. Transporting Sandbags Transporting sandbags along 50 m in a circular circuit. Participants must leave the bag at the same point they have collected it.

6. Rope Ramp / Natural Slip Wall The Sloped Wall or Slip Wall is on a sloping surface with a very steep upward slope. Different knotted ropes hang from its upper part that will help to climb the wall.

7. Stone Labyrinth Participants must overcome a natural labyrinth formed by vertical stones

8. Koala. Crossing a Wooden Trunk It consists of hanging from the lower part of the trunk and passing from one end to the other without touching the ground at any time. The obstacle begins by tapping one foot on the starting frame and ends when one of the hands touches the ending frame. This obstacle allows ease for the popular level: Pass the obstacle standing or sitting on the trunk and advance until you reach the other end

9. Balance on Logs Moving on logs for 5 meters without falling or touching the ground

10. Go through the Tube Pass through the inside of a 10m long tube (1m in diameter placed on the ground)

11. «The Piece» Vickers Battery Go from one place to another above and through the widest part of the Vickers canyon

12. weight with pulley Lift a weight to a height of 4m by stretching a rope and with the help of a pulley

13. Ascent Ramp + Tunnel Pass Participants must cross a short distance tunnel

14. Mud pools / Water containers Natural obstacle with water and mud with the possibility of adding ribbons that cross from part to part of the «pool»

15. Handrail with Rings (truss structure) Move 5 / 10m along a raised structure 2.5 / 3m high with the simple help of the rings